Hydrogen School for a Green Future

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Nov 30th 2020 - Cherven Bryag Municipality officially launched a system for the production of high-energy hydrogen as part of the heating system of the school “Dr. Petar Beron” within the project “Hydrogen School for a Green Future”. This is the first integration of a hydrogen-based technology for optimal combustion process management and decrease in air pollution in a public building in Bulgaria.

The project implemented the integration of Green Innovation's GI 5000 system to the boiler heating system of the school. GI 5000 produces a high-energy fuel on site by pulsed electrolysis of water. Added to the combustion process, this fuel improves its efficiency by reducing the amount of the used conventional fuel by about 40% and entails a drastic reduction in harmful emissions by about 30%. The system is fully automated and autonomous, without the need for an operator. It requires only two components to work - electricity and water, whereby water can be from any water source and the needed electricity amounts to only 4.5 kilowatts per hour. The system works without interruption for 24 hours, taking on a different load of work without loss of efficiency, responding to the required amount of hydrogen for the combustion process. GI 5000 works in full synchrony and constant communication with the existing infrastructure, without the need for external cooling or other specific conditions for its operation.

This project is revolutionary for Bulgaria not only because of its innovation but also because it is ahead of national trends and in full accord with policies on the European level.

The hydrogen economy in Europe and worldwide is advancing at an unstoppable pace. In the European Union, hydrogen is very clearly defined as key for achieving the goals of the Green Deal and the Hydrogen Strategy for Europe. Hydrogen and green policies are also one of the leading philosophies of the Mechanism for Recovery and Sustainability from the Covid Crisis.

Hydrogen technologies provide a broad range of opportunities for high energy efficiency in heating systems for buildings, as well as in combustion processes in the production, the industry and the energy sector, for more sustainable economic growth and, last but not least, cleaner air. Projects like this show how these opportunities can actually be harnessed for concrete results here and now.

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