Green Innovation became part of the Hydrogen Global Initiative of the World Energy Council

The Bulgarian electrolyser producer Green Innovation Ltd joined the Hydrogen Global Initiative of the World Energy Council. Thus company will be able to participate in the work on briefs and reports of the Council on the topic of hydrogen, along with global stakeholders as Siemens Energy, the Austrian Institute of Technology, and the Government of Australia.

The Hydrogen Global Initiative was launched in 2019 as a platform to encourage the production and use of clean hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels. The platform encompasses the entire value chain of the hydrogen economy and its main principles and objectives are expressed in the Hydrogen Global Charter. Growing from the Council’s global network of energy experts, Hydrogen Global assembles projects, programmes, and organisations working with hydrogen to provide more visibility to the added value of their work for the decarbonization of key sectors and tackling climate change globally.

The Bulgarian company Green Innovation develops technologies for production of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels since 2016. It is the only Bulgarian company that has been approved for membership in the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, whereby it is a member in the Roundtable on Hydrogen Production.

More Information about the Hydrogen Global Initiative by World Energy Council can be found here:

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