Our Solutions

The GI 5000 Electrolyser System

GI 5000 is a module system of alkaline electrolysers with a dynamic regime of work load and efficiency of between 80 and 90% that produces pure hydrogen and oxygen separately or as a mix through pulse electrolysis:

  • fully automated and allows real-time monitoring of hydrogen production;

  • controls the process completely autonomously, no need for on-site operator;

  • does not need an external cooling system;

  • a modular system, which allows to adjust hydrogen production to particular needs;

  • can be added to any combustion process to optimize it, i.e. decrease the amount of used conventional fuel and harmful emissions and increase energy efficiency. 

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Production and sale of green hydrogen:

Solar panels/wind turbines/any renewable energy source

renewable energy + water

our electrolyzer

green hydrogen

our compressor

bottle hydrogen ready for transportation and sale


hydrogen charging station


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Building Hydrogen Charging Stations
  • At airports;

  • At highways;

  • At industrial zones.

Both with or without on-site production and compression of hydrogen.

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Production of green hydrogen for electricity production


Green power (solar/wind/hydro)





Low Pressure Hydrogen Tank

Turbine for Power Generation