Programme "GreenUp: Hydrogen - the key to high energy efficiency and clean air"

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"Green Up: Hydrogen as the key to high energy efficiency and clean air" is a programme by Green Innovation Ltd. aimed at facilitating the integration of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuel in public buildings.

The programme is guided by our company credo that hydrogen technologies should be available here and now, especially at the local level, to make the benefits of hydrogen use closer to the citizens.

Who can apply: Municipalities or any other legal entities that manage or own public buildings.

When can applications be submitted: 7 June - 17 July 2021.

How to apply: A legal representative of the public building should send an e-mail expressing interest in the integration of GI5000 with a subject "GreenUp Programme Application" to before 17 July 2021. The e-mail should include the name, address, heating system total capacity and type of conventional fuel.

How will buildings be selected: The applications will be approved on a rolling basis. The first 20 applicants will become part of the programme. If an approved applicant delays signing a contract for the integration more than one month after the expression of interest and approval by Green Innovation, the applicant will lose the right to participate in the programme and the next applicant on the waiting list will be approved.

Scope of the Programme: The programme will cover the integration of 20 GI5000 systems in public buildings on the territory of Bulgaria. All GI5000 integrations within the GreenUp Programme should be completed and put into operation no later than 30th November 2021.

What does the programme offer: GreenUp is a programme that allows beneficiaries to take the first step of green transition at an affordable price. It offers integration of our electrolyser system GI5000 to boiler heating systems of public buildings with a payment calendar of 30% of the final price in advance payment, and the remaining 70% in equal monthly instalments for a period of up to 36 months after delivery and installation.

The preferential price of 69 900 BGN for the integration of one GI5000 system into public buildings for the purposes of the GreenUp programme includes all activities related to the production, adaptation, delivery, installation, instruction sessions for local staff, and regular bi-annual check-ups. No additional maintenance fees will be charged.

The maximum period of 36 months for completion of the payment is calculated based on the average period required for return on investment.

Why public buildings: GI5000 integrated to boiler heating systems attains at least a 30% cut in the amount of the used conventional fuel. This cut impacts positively not only the expenses for the respective building but also the quality of air for the local community. Given the heating infrastructure in public buildings across the country, using considerable quantities of predominantly fossil fuels, we believe that offering an affordable opportunity for integration of a clean hydrogen-based fuel is vital.


What heating systems are suitable for GI5000 integration: GI5000 can be integrated to boiler systems using natural gas, pellets, heating oil/diesel, fuel oil, and others.

Closing event: After the installation of all systems covered by GreenUp, an event will be organised with all beneficiaries to report on the implementation of the programme.