GI 5000


Energy consumption of one GI5000 system: 4.5kwh

Gas production: 4 m3/h

Water consumption: 4 l/h

GI5000 is a system based on our electrolysers that allows customers to produce clean high-energy fuel (mix of hydrogen and oxygen) on site and add it to any combustion process of conventional fuels, such as coal, natural gas, pellets, propane butane, fuel oil, diesel, petrol, etc.

The system is applicable to all combustion processes using hydrocarbon fuels, regardless of the production capacity.

GI5000 attains a cut in the amount of used conventional fuel by up to 50% and a dramatic reduction of harmful emissions - SO2 by up to 30%, CO2 by up to 30%, NOX by 25%, PM 6 to 8 times.

The system is fully automated and allows real-time monitoring of the production process. It controls the process completely autonomously with no need for an on-site operator.

GI5000 needs two input components to work - water and electricity (water can come from any source).

The system does not need an external cooling system.


Case Study: By adding 5m3/h of hydrogen-oxygen mixture to pellet boiler with 1MW power, the customer achieves up to  40% savings of conventional fuel and substantial reduction of pollution emissions. The system consumes 4.5kWh of electricity and 4 liters of water per hour.

With more gas (hydrogen and oxygen) produced, the savings can reach over 50%.