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Technology with
wide applications

Our credo is that once you have the technology you can develop the necessary solutions. 

Therefore, we have made sure that our technology covers all three major cornerstones of the hydrogen value chain, i.e. production of hydrogen, compression of hydrogen, and generation of electrical energy from hydrogen.

Our technology fundamentals find a wide array of applications.

Tailor-made solutions

The three fundamental strands of our technology allow us to tailor make concrete solutions according to the needs and goals of each customer.

We are here to analyse your situation, offer the most suitable solution, and develop a clear, detailed, and time-bound plan how we will reach the goals you have set.

Our solutions are autonomous and easy to integrate to existing infrastructure.


Thirst for R&D

We passionately believe in the tangible added value that hydrogen can have both for economic growth and in the daily lives of all of us by helping us to attain better care for the environment and high energy efficiency. For us hydrogen is the key to coupling zero emissions with economic prosperity. Therefore, we continue to pursue practical applications of our technology and unfold its potential through R&D.


Green Innovation Ltd. is a pioneer innovative company on the Bulgarian market developing hydrogen technologies since 2016, member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

We believe that hydrogen is the key to a new model of sustainable economic growth, a carbon-neutral economy with better care for the environment and cleaner air, energy independence, and more energy efficiency.

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